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Connecting Apple Vision Pro

When trying to airplay Apple Vision Pro content to your TV, it can also be challenging due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) which blocks out video/audio to prevent content from being shared.


You have the option to connect the Apple Vision Pro to the DRAGON via Bluetooth for Audio but Bluetooth audio bandwidth is quite limited.


 To connect Apple Vision Pro to DRAGON, it is recommended to use a third-party airplay compatible audio ONLY receiver with an auxiliary or optical port such as the WiiM Pro.


The WiiM Pro is an Airplay 2/Bluetooth Receiver that can connect to DRAGON via Optical or Auxillary inputs. It is able to get around the DRM restrictions that occur when trying to airplay between the Apple Vision Pro and an airplay compatible device because it is audio only.


Keep in mind this workaround does NOT play true Dolby Atmos to the DRAGON. Both Optical and Aux can only receive audio signals up to Dolby Digital 5.1,  although Dragon can use its built in cinema decoding engine to upmix content. 

[Source: DRAGON Owners' Facebook Group]

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