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Integrate DRAGON with Universal Remotes

By default, DRAGON uses Bluetooth for communication between the remote control and system, allowing users to control it conveniently from extended distances.


DRAGON is also compatible with  universal remotes through infrared (IR) control support. All that is needed is for DRAGON’s infrared codes to be learnt by the universal remotes.

Switching DRAGON’s remote to IR Mode:

  1. Open DRAGON's remote battery cover.

  2. Find the switch at the bottom of the remote.

  3. Use a pointed object to push the switch from BT to IR Mode.


General guide to integrating DRAGON’s IR Codes to universal remotes

Note: These steps are based on a Logitech Harmony 880 remote control. Refer to the documentation supplied with your universal remote for specific instructions. 

1. Download and install the latest universal remote control management software. 

2. Connect your universal remote to a computer or smartphone (if applicable). Use the remote control management software to update it to the latest firmware.

3. Using this software, create a new profile to store DRAGON’s remote commands.​​

Select Add Device to create a new profile. We selected “Tape Deck” to store DRAGON’s IR codes, but you can use another device profile of your choice.

4. Use the software to capture IR commands from DRAGON’s remote.​​

To begin, program the mandatory commands to power on/off DRAGON.
Check the tickbox to select “PowerToggle”.  Press Learn.

Harmony pic 2-min.png
  • ​Point the infrared sensor of DRAGON’s remote control (situated at the top) to your universal remote’s infrared input sensor. Place the remotes approximately 2 - 5 inches (5 - 13 cm) apart. 

  • Press and hold the button on your DRAGON remote which you would like the universal remote to learn. The management application should capture the IR command. 

  • Repeat this process for each button that you would like the universal remote to learn.

We recommend teaching your IR Remote these commands:

Volume Up and Volume Down

harmony pic 3-min.png

7. Assign the captured commands to buttons on your universal remote. 

8. Disconnect your universal remote from the computer or smartphone. 

You are now ready to control DRAGON!

💡 For best performance, switch DRAGON’s remote back to BT mode after teaching the IR commands to your universal remote.

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