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On-screen display (OSD):
How to use

In addition to the calibration functions, there are other advanced features within the OSD that can further enrich your listening experience.


A. Accessing the OSD

  • Press the HOME button on the DRAGON remote (left image) or DRAGON Remote App (Remote tab).

19.2 - OSD Off.jpg

B. Navigating the OSD

  1. Use LEFT, RIGHT, UP, and DOWN buttons on your remote or mobile app to browse the OSD menu.

  2. For sub-menus, press ENTER to access additional options.

  3. Press the RETURN button to quit the current action or go back to the previous page.

  4. To exit, press the HOME button. 


C. Additional Information

  1. There are 4 settings tabs: Audio, Video, Calibration and System.

  2. Use LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER and RETURN buttons on your remote to navigate. 

  3. Helpful information about each setting will be shown on the screen when selected. 

  4. The colors of the text represent:

    • System Default = Orange text

    • Benefit = Green text

    • Instructions = Cyan text

    • Warning = Red text

Audio Settings

Video Settings

^HDMI CEC ONE TOUCH PLAY: When you start playback on your source device, it will switch the TV and DRAGON to the HDMI input that the device is using. For example, when you play a disc on your Blu-ray player, the TV and DRAGON will switch to the corresponding HDMI input automatically.

Calibration Settings

System Settings

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