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DRAGON Support / Product / Video Upload

DRAGON Experience Project

Thank you for taking the time to join the DRAGON Experience project. 

Before submitting your video, please ensure the following: 

  • Footage is at least 1 min 30 seconds long. 

  • Video is in landscape orientation (horizontal).

  • Video includes a brief self-introduction, as well as footage of your DRAGON setup.

  • Please do not refresh the page while your file is uploading. 

  • Recommended file formats: .mp4, .mov


If you encounter any issues uploading the video, feel free to reach out to us at

Upload Video

Your video has been successfully uploaded. Thank you very much for your participation!

Please fill in the required fields.

Sorry, we have encountered an error. Please try again. 

By submitting these materials, participants hereby agree and authorize Nakamichi LLC, to use at its discretion, without further compensation, fee, charge or other remuneration to the participants or social platform follower, to disclose and use any of their names, photographs, videos or any likeness of them contained herein for promotional, advertising, marketing and/or publicity purposes (where not prohibited by written law), and to the use of statements contributed by participants, and any rights in connection therewith. Materials submitted may be used by Nakamichi LLC for any purpose in perpetuity.

Nakamichi LLC reviews information provided prior to posting or using publicly, but will not necessarily verify the validity of submissions. By submitting materials, you agree to release Nakamichi LLC, its affiliates and assigned others from any and all liability, claims or damages arising out of or relating to your submission.

Upon review, Nakamichi LLC can and may, at our sole discretion, edit, reject, remove or disallow inclusion of any and all submissions.

Nakamichi LLC reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the #DRAGONExperience campaign without notice. Nakamichi LLC also reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice.

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