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Calibrating Bass Performance

Everyone has different bass preferences. Some prefer strong, deep and impactful bass, while others might opt for a more controlled, balanced and melodic experience. With 4 x 8” subwoofers and plenty of control options, here’s how the Nakamichi DRAGON can cater to all types of desired bass experiences.

Optimizing Subwoofer Placement

For optimal bass performance, place the subwoofers at 45° and a few inches away from the front corners of your listening environment.

Calibrating Bass Performance-01-min.jpg

💡 You can also place the subwoofers at the back or center of the room. See VIP Starter guide for more info. To optimize DRAGON for such placements, go to OSD > Calibration > Room Size Calibration, and set the subwoofer’s location in the room. 

💡 For optimal bass performance, always leave a few inches of space around the subwoofer ports and grilles.

Calibrating Bass Output

Basic Controls

  • DRAGON allows you to quickly adjust the number of active subwoofers to your listening preferences. Press ⬆️/⬇️ on the remote when the OSD is not being displayed to adjust.


Calibrating Bass Performance-02-min.jpg
  • To maximize bass intensity, use MOVIE 1 or MUSIC 1 EQ. For a more balanced bass profile with heightened dynamic range, press the Movie or Music EQ buttons twice/thrice to select MOVIE 2 / 3 or MUSIC 2 / 3 EQMOVIE / MUSIC 3 offers the most dynamic range.

Calibrating Bass Performance-03-min.jpg

Upgrade your firmware (For DRAGON 11.4.6 units delivered before December 2023)

Firmware 2.1 intensifies the output of both subwoofers at lower listening volumes. Systems running firmware 2.0 and above feature an additional low-frequency effect control to further personalize bass performance. Click here to verify your firmware version and view instructions to perform the firmware upgrade.


Lower the volume of Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) - Firmware 2.0 and above

The LFE adjustment feature lets you decrease the volume of low-frequency effects to suit your room environment and sonic preferences (Default = 0dB). 


If the bass feels too intense:

  1. Press HOME to access the OSD.

  2. Under the Audio tab, select Quad Subwoofers Setup.

  3. Under the Low-Frequency Effect setting, make slight adjustments (1-3 dB). Test with music or movie content. Use this setting to fine-tune the bass response from the on-board equalizers, in conjunction with the subwoofer volume level, crossover and bass control.


Set the volume level of subwoofers

  1. Press HOME to access the On-Screen Display (OSD).

  2. Under the Calibration tab, select Advanced Sound Setup > Volume Level Calibration.

  3. Scroll down to Left/Right Subs and increase the volume level of both subwoofers.



Bass Too Strong or Overpowering?

  1. Lower the crossover

    • Press HOME to access the OSD.

    • Under the Audio tab, select Advanced Audio Settings. Lower the subwoofer crossover (default: 200Hz).

  2. Lower the volume level of both subwoofers

    • Press HOME to access the OSD.

    • Under the Calibration tab, select Advanced Sound Setup > Volume Level Calibration.

    • Scroll down to Left/Right Subs, and lower the volume level of both subwoofers.

  3. Optimize Subwoofer Placement

    • Shift the subwoofers a few inches away from the nearest walls to even out bass response. 

  4. Reduce the number of active subwoofers: 

    • With the OSD off, press 🔽 to lower the number of active subwoofers. Select from: TRIPLE SUBS, DUAL SUBS or SINGLE SUB. 



Balance Overall Bass Output

If bass volume seems to be unbalanced:

  1. Press HOME to access the OSD. 

  2. Under the Audio tab, go to Audio Setup > Quad Subwoofers Setup.

  3. Adjust Quad Subs Balance to even out bass distribution.

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