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DRAGON Support / VIP Starter Guide

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VIP Starter Guide

Getting Best Audio


Best Speaker Placements


Best Connection & Setup


Best Calibration


Best Surround

Step 1: Placement Options

Option A: 45° from Front Corners of Room
(Best Bass Response)

Option A - Front Corners of Room (2).png

For optimal bass performance, leave 4-6" of clearance between subwoofer and walls.

Experience DRAGON


Stranger Things (Season 4)

Episode 1 (1:07:20 - 1:13:00)

The deep reverberations of guttural growls, chiming clocks resonating across the room and flickering lights buzzing above you make your first encounter with Vecna an unforgettable one.


Extraction 2

(41:20 - 47:30)

An intense cacophony of gunfire and supersonic missiles whizzing past your ears, accompanied by helicopters flying around and overhead give you an instant adrenaline rush.


Wednesday (Season 1)

Episode 8 (37:40 - 39:56)

Let the sharp metallic rings of clashing swords, deep melodic hums from magical weapons and a prolonged chilling scream at the end fill your living room with cinematic energy.


Blade Runner 2049

(58:33 - 1:00:21)

The scene uncovers with a majestic score and powerful gushes of water before seamlessly shifting to rain patter, punctuated with whooshes of the flying car against a dystopian city.


All Quiet on the Western Front

(03:00 - 05:10)

The heavy gunfire from all directions brings this scene to life, while the exploding artillery shells generate deep pulses that ripple through you.

6 underground.jpg

6 Underground

(0:00 - 20:00)

A multi-dimensional soundscape filled with heavy engine growls, high-pitched screeches and intense gunfire from all directions that puts you in the center of the action.

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