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DRAGON Support / Accessories

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DRAGON Speaker Stands

Fashioned from heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel, these 46-pound premium matte stands are the only podiums befitting for DRAGON.

Our designers went above and beyond to ensure seamless integration with your DRAGON Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds. The stainless steel top plates fit perfectly with the rounded contours of the pentagonal-shaped speakers, resulting in a finish that is clean and flawless. 


Stability? These stands redefine its meaning. Relish zero wobbles and vibrations once you place your speakers on these beauties. The integrated wire management system seals the deal. No more tangled messes or unsightly wires ruining your stylish setup. These stands have got your back, ensuring a sleek and minimalist appearance.

Dimension (L x W x H):

11.2" x 11.2" x 37.6"/46.4lbs



Main Unit Wall Mount

Flush-mount the main unit to the wall with our stainless steel wall mount, designed with slots for cable pass-through. Mounting hardware (screws and anchors) included.

Dimension (L x W x H):
33.7" x 7.2" x 2.6"



Surround Speakers Wall Mount

Elevate your entertainment setup with our space-saving stainless steel mounts, designed to affix your surround speakers to the wall. Mounting hardware (screws and anchors) included.

Dimension (L x W x H):

3.2" x 7.1" x 3.8"/2.4lbs


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