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Optimizing Wireless Performance for Your DRAGON Surround Speakers and Subwoofers

DRAGON employs the industry-standard 5.8GHz wireless frequency to communicate with its subwoofers and rear speakers.


By default, DRAGON automatically selects a frequency within the 5.8GHz spectrum to communicate with its speaker components, avoiding interference from external devices.

However, if another wireless device occupies a significant portion of the same wireless frequency (e.g., your home or a neighbor's Wi-Fi/mesh router), the connection between the main unit, subwoofers, and surround speakers may become unstable. This might result in unsatisfactory audio performance, such as speaker dropouts or reduced surround speaker/subwoofer output.


Identifying Wireless Interference

DRAGON's speaker components are designed to pair with each other out of the box. Each wireless subwoofer and surround speaker has a blue status indicator light. These blue LEDs remain lit when DRAGON's speaker components are powered on and connected to each other.


Blue LED

Blue LED

If the blue LED flickers intermittently while playing content, the speaker component may be affected by wireless interference.


Identifying Wireless Interference

These adjustments will optimize the performance of your DRAGON wireless sound system, ensuring a stable and high-quality audio experience.


1: Change DRAGON's Wireless Channel

  1. Press HOME on your remote.

  2. With the OSD open, navigate to the SYSTEM tab.

  3. Under Subs+Surr Wireless Freq, press ◀️ to change Default to Auto 1.

  4. Press HOME to exit the OSD and save your settings.


This change configures DRAGON to communicate with its speaker components using the 5.2GHz frequency band instead of 5.8GHz. 


Note: Changing the radio frequency channel may affect other nearby wireless devices using the same frequency bandwidth. If the main unit is reset, the wireless channel will revert  to the default frequency band.


2: Change Your Router’s Wireless Channel

If your router allows you to manually set the router channel, consider doing so to avoid conflicts with DRAGON. 

Recommended router channel settings

Note: This feature is available on select Wi-Fi routers and is not applicable to all devices. For detailed instructions, refer to your Wi-Fi router’s manual or the guides below.

  1. Asus Wireless Router

  2. Netgear wireless routers​

  3. Netgear Orbi System (RB20)

  4. Google Home

  5. Eero Pro 6 Tri-Band

  6. Mesh Network

3: Reduce Your Router’s 5GHz Wi-Fi Channel Width

Most Wi-Fi and mesh routers are configured to use wide channel widths (up to 160Mhz) to maximize throughput. However, this leaves limited airspace for other devices to perform optimally, causing wireless interference, especially in dense environments such as high-rise apartments. 


If the earlier suggestions were ineffective, reduce the wireless channel width of the 5 Ghz Wi-Fi band most likely to conflict with DRAGON.

For router-specific instructions, please refer to your Wi-Fi router's manual or consult the appropriate guides.

4: Reducing Interference from Surrounding Wireless Devices

Move devices that use the 5GHz wireless band away from DRAGON speaker components. Common devices that use this wireless band include:

  • Wireless video transmitters or security cameras

  • Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and access points (includes mesh systems)

  • Wireless audio systems

  • Baby monitors

  • Wireless cable and set-top boxes

  • Cordless or DECT phones

  • Smart home device hubs

  • Radar, Digital satellite or Perimeter sensors


There are also devices that may not have 5Ghz Wi-Fi Chipsets, but are known to cause interference to nearby wireless products. Move these devices away from DRAGON:

  • Some external monitors and LCD displays

  • Microwave ovens


5: Reducing Interference From Nearby Materials

Certain materials obstruct or interfere with wireless signals used by DRAGON. If large furniture or walls made of such materials are in between DRAGON speaker components, try repositioning the furniture or speakers. 

The larger, denser and thicker these materials are, the more wireless signals could be impacted.

6: Increase DRAGON Wireless Frequency Strength

This is recommended If your router doesn't offer configuration options.

  1. Press HOME on your remote.

  2. With the OSD open, navigate to the SYSTEM tab.

  3. Under Wireless Freq Strength, press ▶️ to change from "2" to "3" or "3+".

  4. Press HOME to exit the OSD and save your settings.

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